SkinCeuticals Cryo Correction Pen


The SkinCeuticals Cryo Correction Pen is a non-invasive dark spot corrector and skin tag removal treatment that uses cryotechnology to freeze away unwanted sun spots, age spots, and skin tags from the face, hands, and body.

Benefits of Treatment

The Cryo Correction Pen can help:

Why Obtain Treatment

The SkinCeuticals Cryo Correction Pen delivers a precise blast of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to painlessly and gently freeze away skin imperfections without harming healthy surrounding cells.

Unlike liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide is capable of freezing skin at a very mild temperature, offering a more comfortable and less aggressive freeze, and reducing the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Treatment is very quick – with the entire procedure taking only a few minutes. This makes it a much quicker and more cost-effective alternative to traditional laser therapies. There is no downtime associated with the procedure, allowing clients to resume daily activities after leaving the doctor’s office.

Cryo Correction treatment has a much faster healing time than alternative methods and clients may only need one treatment session to address their skin concerns.


How It Works

During treatment, a microfine burst of liquid CO2 freezes the water in the discolored skin cell, which forces the cell to expand over time (usually four to six weeks) and combust, making the discolored spot disappear.

The pen’s use of liquid carbon dioxide instead of liquid nitrogen allows it to freeze the skin at a milder temperature and give clients the results they’re looking for with a lower risk of scarring.

Who Is A Candidate For Cryo Correction Treatment?

Treatment with the Cryo Correction Pen can provide fantastic results for both men and women.

Clients looking to treat some distinct imperfections on their face, body, or hands may benefit from treatment with the Cryo Correction Pen.

Treatment can also be used as a follow-up to a chemical peel or facial to address any remaining flaws.

Clients considering treatment should schedule an initial consultation with their physician to discuss details and determine if they are a candidate for Cryo Correction.

When Can Clients Expect To See Results?

Clients who undergo Cryo Correction treatment can expect to see new, healthy skin emerge around two to three weeks after treatment. It may take between four and 12 weeks for the healing process to be complete.

Treatment Results

The good news is Cryo Correction treatment results are permanent. Clinical evidence suggests that permanent results can be obtained after just one or two treatments.

Is Cryo Correction Treatment Painful?

Treatment with the Cryo Correction Pen is considered to be relatively painless. At most, clients can expect to experience some minimal discomfort, such as a cooling or tingling/stinging feeling. This feeling should pass relatively quickly.

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