Skin Tightening (EMTONE)

EMTONE is a pain-free, in-office procedure done to tighten skin. The EMTONE device simultaneously delivers monopolar radiofrequency and pressure wave therapy to the skin. Specialized, safe electrical energy is delivered by the EMTONE device to the skin.

During treatment, a grounding pad is typically placed on the patient’s back to ensure safe radiofrequency treatment. The EMTONE device also emits acoustic waves that disrupt and stimulate the skin.

Radiofrequency energy flows from the treatment tip to the skin, warming the skin to approximately 42 to 44 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, collagen undergoes structural changes and over the following weeks and months, the body produces new collagen, leading to improvement in skin texture, laxity, and cellulite.

What Areas Can Be Treated With EMTONE?

EMTONE is FDA-approved to tighten skin in the buttocks, posterior and front of thighs, knees, upper arms, and abdomen.

How Does Treatment With EMTONE Feel?

EMTONE is a well-tolerated procedure that feels like a hot stone massage and doesn’t require anesthesia. Treatment to a single area takes approximately 12-15 minutes.

During treatment, the EMTONE handpiece glides over the skin with the help of a conductive and moisturizing lotion. The skin care professional will make continual, circular motions with the EMTONE device to minimize the risk of one area of skin becoming hot or uncomfortable.


EMTONE treatment consists of an initial series of four procedures performed twice a week over the course of two weeks. Patients should undergo treatment every six to 12 months to maintain results.

Is There Any Downtime After Treatment?

Unlike many other skin tightening devices, EMTONE doesn’t require any downtime after treatment. The skin may feel warm to the touch or pink for several minutes following treatment. However, patients may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

How Soon Are Results Visible?

EMTONE works by stimulating new collagen growth and improving local tissue circulation, This means results are not immediate. Patients will typically see results within a period of weeks to months after treatment, although some patients notice improvements even sooner.

How Long Do Results Last?

EMTONE creates visible improvement in skin texture, such as skin laxity. However, results are typically temporary and patients should undergo maintenance treatments once every three to 12 months, although the frequency can vary depending on the patient’s skin condition.

Who Is A Candidate For EMTONE?

EMTONE is best for patients 30 to 50 years of age with relatively good skin elasticity. Younger patients may have more dramatic responses to treatment, while patients with poor skin texture may see mild results or require more frequent treatment.

Potential Side Effects

Adverse reactions to EMTONE treatment are rare. Patients may experience mild redness or a hive-like reaction immediately after treatment. Patients with an implantable metal device in the treatment area are not suitable candidates for EMTONE treatment.

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